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Pedro Castro Senior editor

7 Sticky Notes can help you keep reminding notes and set alarms so that you never forget about important tasks and deadlines. The basic functions of creating a new note or setting an alarm are easily performed. The program starts automatically along with the system and stays hidden in the Tray.
From there, the notes are created on your desktop in a visual analogy to the way you stick notes to your fridge. Unfortunately, you cannot create a new note using the contextual menu that appears when you right-click on your desktop.

The appearance of the notes can be changed by personalizing their colors and fonts. Moreover, you can simply pick one of the available visual themes. Other advantages are that you can use formatted text or turn a specific note into a reminder by adding an alarm.

The application includes a Notes Manager, which allows you to organize your notes in a treelike structure. It lets you configure various desktops; thus, you can have different sets of notes according to your scenarios. In addition, you can also export individual notes or the complete database. What is more, you can synchronize your notes between various machines. Finally, the database can also be backed up.

As a whole, 7 Sticky Notes is a very useful application providing multiple advantages compared to Sticky Notes, a program that comes with most Windows installations. It will easily adapt to your level of expertise, so you can start using its basic functions and gradually move on to more complex operations.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It allows exporting your database.
  • It allows synchronizing between machines.
  • It lets you print your notes.
  • It allows creating formatted notes, including hyperlinks.
  • It lets you set alarms.
  • It is light.


  • You cannot create a new note using the contextual menu that appears when you right-click on your desktop.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 5.9 MB

What's new in version 1.9

--You can add customizable Hyperlinks on the note text!
--Hyperlinks can be anything, files, folders, directories, links, urls, e-mails, you name it!
--The Hyperlinks work exactly like the ones you create on Word or on E-mails: just select a text and create a hyperlink for it!
--Added a "Hyperlink" button for the config window, so you can edit or insert Hyperlinks
--Added (1) a right click menu to the hyperlinks, that allow you to edit the link, edit the text, open the hyperlink, or remove it, and (2) a "Copy hyperlink" item at the note right click menu so you can easily copy any hyperlink
--Now all links on the notes also will show automatically a tooltip, with the configured link (if is a hyperlink or not) to let you quickly now the link it points to!
--Now the hyperlinks and standard links also work on the Notes Manager!!
--The Hyperlink also includes automatic detection of pasted Microsoft OneNote links! When you paste a OneNote note link with CTRL V or right click note menu, 7 Sticky Notes will automatically detect it, and paste it as a full working OneNote hyperlink with the Note name! thanks Daniel for the suggestion!
--Now 7 Sticky Notes offers a nice and cool way for you to see which note is selected and to switch between the selected notes with the keyboard!!
--Simply press SHIFT and the note that has focus will get a nice glass-style frame around it, showing that is it selected, so you can move it, edit, and do any action with it!
--The glass select frame will blink nicely and softly, so you can easily find the note with focus
--Also, when pressing SHIFT, press TAB too, and the focus will tab to the next note, or, press SHIFT CTRL TAB, and the focus will tab to the previous note, letting you cycle between all notes! - thanks Jean-Guy for the suggestion!
--You can customize the cycling order at the notes manager, between "by position", "by order", "by title" and "by text"!
--With the Password Security Feature, now 7 Sticky Notes allows you to protect your notes and the program from unauthorized access!
--A "Security" section has been added to the Program Options, where you can setup all security configurations of 7 Sticky Notes: setup password, require password to access different program functions (unlock notes, start 7 Sticky Notes, access the Program Options and access the Notes Manager), and enable the Restricted Mode.

What's new in version 1.6

- New File Attachment capability!! The long waited feature comes with beatifully integrated attachment of files on the notes with "link mode" and "attach mode", an exclusive "attach pad" with preview icons for all attached files and folders, as well as full drag and drop usage, either for dragging-in or draggin-out! For sure one of the most awesome single features so far
- Added option to export one or multiple notes to a zip file, with all and the attachments compressed (selectable option to export only linked files, only embedded files, or all files), as long as feature to import zipped files for allow easy moving of the notes files around and between computers
- Added full support for drag and drop capabilities, which includes dropping of plain text, formatted rich text, images (png, bmp, tiff, gif, jpg, jpeg, etc), text files, rich text files, and file images!
- Added Italian Translation!! Special credits to Redi and Luca for the great effort and help in translating
- New ultra-stylish redesigned program icons! Including new icons for 7 Sticky Notes (high resolution 256 px for Windows 7 and Windows Vista), tray icon, taskbar button, option window and Notes Manager!
- Now tray icon and taskbar icon changes color to easy identify if the notes are shown or hidden! Yellow, shown, blue, hidden, easy!
- Added automatic note sizing to fit text option when saving (size to fit content)
- Added new right click menu entries for the notes: "Auto size note to fix text", "roll up/roll" (to allow using the feature without the mouse wheel), "Delete Note", and "Move To Desktop".
- Added icons at the notes' right click menu items for easy identification
- Added program option to "hide notes when desktop is clicked"
- Changed alarm/wakeup function to only change the desktop for the necessary one if a note wakes up or alarms. If different notes wakes up/alarms at the same time from different desktops, the "All Desktop" will be showed as usual
- Added quick and cool tray pop up balloon to suggest and offer a shortcut to create a new note when no notes are available on the 7 Sticky Notes great thanks for Stacie Jo for the feedback!
- Included some missing keys options at the shortcut options (such as 'left alt' and 'right alt'), allowing now a complete keyboard shortcut customization - Thanks to Daniel for the heads up!
- Added program option to enable or disable the hide/show notes behaviour when tray icon is clicked - thanks again Daniel!
- Now is allowed to run 7 Sticky Notes Portable and 7 Sticky Notes Normal side-by-side at the same time on the same computer - great suggestion by Christopher!
- Added CTRL T shortcut key for strike-through text effect - many thanks to Tore for the great suggestion
- Added 'CTRL W' keyboard shortcut to cancel the edition of a note - special thanks for Gary for the great help and suggestion!
- New Arrange Notes Feature! Now is possible to arrange the notes on the screen, with full customization options such as ordering as ascending/descending, by title, by note order, by creation date, and on the left/top/right/bottom part of the screen, as well as options to arrange the notes rolled up and sort only the notes from the current monitor, or from all monitors, for multi-monitors setups!! Special thanks for Rob for the suggestion!
- Middle mouse click on tray now forces all notes on top
- Great Improvements for the Notes Manager: (many thanks to Rob for all the suggestions and help!)
-New right click menu options to "Show Desktop", "Rename Desktop", "Delete Desktop", and "Show Desktop" (moved from from program options)
-Added "column click reorder" for the notes showed at the right list pane
-Added drag-and-droping of Desktops to change their order
-New right click menu option to define the Desktop as "Default Initialization Desktop" and to "Remove it from Desktop Switcher", with identification images "-" and "1" at the Desktop image of the tree to easily show the options used
-Now the Notes Manager shows at the Desktops icons which one is selected at the program (small green circle flag)
-Now the left tree shows the title of the notes, and the right pane list shows the title in the first columns, and the text at the second column
-Now the Notes Manager opens up with the current showed desktop selected
-Basically moved all Desktops management from the program options to the Notes Manager
-Added "Center Note" menu and toolbar button to bring the selected notes to the center of the current monitor
-Added program option to enable the "all notes to be bring to front" behavior when a note is focused. Now this behavior is disabled by default. great thanks for Daniel for pointing that out!
- Added right click menu at the themes section of the program options to allow creating, renaming and removing of notes color themes, besides the functions buttons
- Once and for all, fixed system slow down when using the WIN X keyboard shortcut

Publisher's description

7 Sticky Notes is a cool 100% free desktop notes software that creates Sticky Notes directly at the Desktop of your computer to help you organizing your everyday tasks and to-do lists. It has a great-looking realistic sticky note appearance for ultimate fun usage and great interaction, and also offers amazing and cool features, which makes 7 Sticky Notes at the same time powerful, simple to use, reliable, and light!

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    Russell Bronson Last year

    Does 7 Sticky Notes have the ability to "imbed" in a file? Let me say you have a client in the software CRM "ACT" and you need some info to remind yourself about him/her for a later date, can you place the note in the "ACT" program to pop up and remind you of that "something"? It "lives" in the ACT program as opposed to in the 7 Sticky Notes program? So if you open your CRM "ACT" and go to your clients profile, you would see that a sticky note had been placed there, from there you could open it, or at a later time it would pop up and remind you of the event? I hope I wasn't too vague with this request.

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    chumin 3 years ago

    very good

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